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Where to begin...It all started during the holiday season of 2012.  I received a one gallon brew kit from my loving wife.  Little did she know that I would take this simple gift and blow it way out of proportion.  During my research on how to brew my first batch, I discovered that one of the key elements of the process (besides cleaning and sanitation) is to cool the wort as quickly as possible from boiling to around 70 degrees F.  I looked at several different types of chillers and decided I could make a better one.  So I bought some copper tubing, flex hose, a cooler, several buckets and a pump.  After a few hours of tinkering, I came up with a design that chills the wort from 212 to 70 in 7 minutes, but I digress.  There will be more on the chiller in the future.  The main thing I really learned from my first batch is that I do not like bottling beer. I started looking at a Sanke D type, drop in stem keg I had in the garage and thought, I could take that apart!  Sooooo, with a small screw driver, a pump tap and pliers, I took the stem out.  It was fast and simple enough for any home brewer.  I also could not believe how extremely easy the keg was to clean and sanitize.  We brewed up a batch of Amber Ale and force carbonated it in the keg.  After two days of 30 psi CO2 levels in the keg, we started drinking.  I am sure we would not have won any awards, but to all of us involved, it was the best beer ever.  That is when I started contacting keg manufacturers all over the world until I was able to come to an agreement with one of them to start importing their kegs.  Brand new kegs that could be shared with the Microbreweries and home brewers. No more trying to hide the Miller, Bud or Coors labels on the kegs, or worrying that the next time I went to the liquor store to get a keg of beer, I would be detained by the keg deposit police for not returning my last keg (that is illegal by the way).  Instead, I will import kegs and sell them at low prices to Microbreweries  and home brew aficionados so that together, we can all strive For a Better Beer World!
Mike Vesio
Novice beer brewer and Importer of Kegs!
Bromic Brewing Supply

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Walton, KY 41094

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