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Bromic Brewing Supply carries high quality 304 stainless steel passivated Sanke kegs for Home Brewers, Craft Brewers and Microbreweries.  All of the kegs we carry are brand new unlabeled kegs that are waiting for you to christen them with your own recipes.  We believe that if you use our kegs, you too will be striving FOR A BETTER BEER WORLD!  Thank you for looking at our products.

Yes, this is really Brian One Bounce Bell right after he dropped a 1/6 barrel keg.  The keg survived, but Brian bounced once and had to be given massive amounts of a Double IPA to recover!All of our kegs are Drop Tested by this guy! Brian "One Bounce" Bell drops all of our kegs to make sure they can meet the highest quality standards. As you can see, he takes his job very seriously!!

1/6 barrel home brew keg
1/6 barrel home brew keg
Brand new 1/6 barrel home brewing equipment Sanke keg. These are the same kegs that are used by Heineken and many other breweries and microbreweries throughout the world. We only use Micromatic D style drop in stems which work with all kegerators right out of the box, no modifications needed. These kegs are now available to home brewers Craft Brewers, and Microbreweries for less than $100 each (a lot less than the cheaper quality new "Corny" kegs) and they are the same volume, 5.18 gallons.